The KMS Alliance depends on and is based upon membership. As the state organization, we are a vital link between county and national alliances; and between families and the medical community by providing education, offering support and coordinating resources. Encouraging membership at the county, state and national levels, we connect the family of medicine creating an organization that has a strong national presence, and show our concern for the health of America and the future of medicine.

Membership offers friendship, fun, an opportunity to make a difference and an investment in the future of the family of medicine.

Visit our Members Only section for detailed information about almost everything pertaining to the state Alliance.

If you are not a member or have not renewed your membership this year, I invite you to join us. Even if you may not be able to be an active member, your membership is important to us. For more information, please contact Nancy Sullivan at the KMS office, by email or by phone at 800.332.0156.

The national level, AMA Alliance, is trying to conserve print and postage costs. They have gone to online newsletters. Newsline is available on the AMA Alliance Web site. This is the web site that will lead you to all sorts of information. On the state level, we provide a monthly electronic update of KMSA activities.

Jodie Reed (Wichita) is our Vice President for Membership.