Physicians and families in Kansas have a voice as healthcare-related bills make their way to capitol hill in the Kansas Medical Society Alliance

Just like the American Medical Association does for national healthcare legislation, the Kansas Medical Society is in constant communication with both physicians and state lawmakers to research, create, and amend healthcare-related legislation in the state of Kansas. As a significant part of the family of medicine, our role as Kansas Medical Society Alliance includes staying informed of proposed and approved changes to the current law and acting on them as one body for the health of Kansans.

Understanding that our state government fulfills its role when representing our views and interests, KMSA was able to lead the effort to pass legislation strengthening clinical trials for cancer care in the state and continues to serve as an important liaison between the citizens of Kansas, physicians, and lawmakers in a unique way.

Stay informed about changes, the myths and facts, and opportunities in healthcare legislation by joining the Kansas Medical Society Alliance today.

I will pass on legislative alerts from the KMS and the AMAA for our county legislative chairs to pass on to their local members. Please contact me with your comments, concerns or your interest in receiving the KMS electronic newsletter, Kansas Physician.

Informative websites:

Everyone is welcome to the KMSA's Legislative/Membership meeting in Lawrence each February when the legislature is in session. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the current bills that are introduced and to sit in on legislative hearings pertaining to issues that are important to Kansas medicine.

Julie Dunlap (Lawrence) is our Vice President for Legislation.