The AMA Foundation is our fundraising section that focuses on raising money for medical education and research.

There are three funds that the AMA Foundation supports:

  • The Medical Scholars Fund is the one that we may designate donations through to a specific medical school for deserving students as scholarships and grants. This year, a presentation of $18,572.26 was made to the University of Kansas School of Medicine for assistance to the medical students. This money was raised by Kansas physicians and spouses and is, of course, split between the two campuses as designated by the donors.
  • The Fund for Better Health is one of two new segments to which Foundation funds may also be given. It will be used for programs that benefit the health of the public, such as the SAVE initiative or anti-tobacco programs, and violence prevention initiatives. Alliances and other medical organizations whose programs benefit the health of the public can submit proposals to receive funding. The Health Literacy Program is part of this fund and was created to educate the physician to discern whether the patient understands his diagnosis, treatment and medicines.
  • The Development Fund is the other new fund that was created this year. Donations received by this fund will provide unrestricted support to enable the Foundation to continue its mission of service.

The AMA Foundation funds several grants that our medical community might chose to take advantage of. Since they are intended for Health Promotion, you will find them discussed there.

KMSA supports the holiday sharing card opportunity to raise money for the AMA Foundation by supplying counties with appropriately decorated AMA Foundation cards. For details on how to do a sharing card in your area, go to the KMSA Project Bank.

Mary Jones (Wichita) is our Vice President for the AMA Foundation.