Message from the President

Welcome to the Kansas Medical Society website. Our mission is to advocate for the health needs of Kansans and issues affecting the medical community.

If you have questions about our organization as you scroll through the sight you may contact the Kansas Medical Society office, Nancy Sullivan at 785.235.2383 or 800.332.0156. Our website contains a member’s only section where we have a password protected section. Contact the KMS office at the aforementioned number to obtain the password if you are a member without the password.

We are a part of the AMA Alliance which is the largest, most influential grassroots organization representing physician’s spouses nationwide. The AMAA is dedicated to promoting better public health, pursuing sound health care legislation and fundraising for medical education.

Our members are men and women who care about improving the health and safety of their communities in the state of Kansas. Our purpose is to work toward improving the health and quality of life for all people; promote health education; encourage participation of volunteers in activities that meet health needs; and to support health-related charitable endeavors. There is not room to site every example of the fabulous work taking place across our state, but a few of the student oriented programs in various communities include: anti-bullying roll play or puppet shows in classrooms; “I Can Be Healthy” poster contest which culminates in a hometown billboard; Healthy Kids C.A.N. (connect activity and nutrition).

Alliance membership provides a wide range of benefits to our members. It allows you to network and build friendships within the family of medicine. We are a multigenerational organization ranging from members in the beginning of their medical training to those that are enjoying retirement. You will not find any other organization that will offer you the support of fellow members that are engaged in the rigors of the medical family world. We understand and support one another through these difficult times in the world of medicine.

So join us as a member of this multifaceted organization. Simply by becoming a member you are taking action to benefit the Kansas family of medicine.


Kim Schrage; KMSA President